Freezing cold Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh sudden weather has taken a turn. This again started another phase of cold winter in the state. The entire region has been caught by the fog, which has reduced visibility. Visibility in the Gwalior-Chambal division became zero. Visibility decreased from 3 km to 50 meters at 6 a.m. The effect of decreasing visibility is also on the services of the airlines and the railways. According to the Meteorological Department, there is strong wind blowing in the upper surface. Due to this, the daytime and night temperature was recorded. And dense fog is over. Even in the capital Bhopal, the weather suddenly changed after midnight and the winds started running at five to seven kilometers. Dense fog became dense in the morning. In the last 48 hours the day temperature dropped to 5.2 degree. Night temperature decreased also is.

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